Kincardine O’Neil Community Association

Kincardine O’Neil Community Association aims to:

  • further the well-being of our community in every aspect of its life: social, cultural, educational and recreational; be a forum for the people in our community to express their views
  • express and press the Communities concerns with all relevant  bodies
  • promote the village as a great place to live in and visit
  • raise funds to support our community aims.

Everybody in the electoral area of Kincardine O’Neil and elsewhere on Kincardine Estate aged 16 and over is a member of the Association.  An AGM is held every year which elects a committee which meets every two months.  All Committee meetings are advertised in advance and are open to all to attend.  

Over the years the Community association, among many other things, has:-

  1. Held public meetings and carried out public opinion surveys  about local concerns;
  2. Submitted responses to the Council and others about planning, development, public transport, roads and other issues;
  3. Contracted with the Council every three years  since 2006 to maintain the Public Toilets and organised cleaning of the toilets by a rota of volunteers;  
  4. Organised the Planting of the flower tubs in the village and “Its your Neighbourhood” entry;
  5. Purchased a 10m x 4m lightweight marquee which is available for community use;
  6. Organised an annual litter pick and campaigned for more litter/ poo bins and responsible dog ownership;
  7. Carried out maintenance of the Wallie Walk, bulb planting and tree planting round the village;
  8. Helped promote the village through sponsoring this website, a quarterly newsletterWalks Leaflets, a Tourist information hub, leaflets and email circulations:

The menu and highlighted links give more information about the work of the Association.  We welcome volunteers to help out with all of our initiatives!  If you have any questions or would like to know more about us please contact the CA Secretary (below).

Contact the Kincardine O’Neil Community Association

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