History 8 – 20th Century

1914-1918 WW1

Sixty-three men from the parish lost their lives in the war. This represents about 22% of the men of fighting age, a terrible loss in a small community. Returning servicemen formed a Kincardine O’Neil branch of the Royal British legion. This link will, by 2018, include details of each of the Great War victims from the parish many are already included.


The last ferry-boat was swept downstream in a flood. It had been in use until that day.

1939-1944 WW2

Seven servicemen and one servicewoman were killed during the war. The War Memorial lists the names of all those who died in the service of their country during the two world wars.


The Deeside railway closed as part of the cuts imposed by the infamous Dr. Beeching. The increased popularity of cars had made many rural railways uneconomic. In hindsight this was a short-sighted mistake. However due to the increase in road traffic Kincardine O’Neil had now become a busier village once more as it now lay on the popular A93 North Deeside Road. A thousand years ago and more the village was established for its place on the north-south route between the rich lands of the Mearns and Moray. Now its future would depend more upon the east-west Deeside Road.


Kincardine O’Neil was declared a conservation area.


Neil burn Drive was created.


Canmore place was erected.