The weather in Kincardine O’Neil is certainly not boring, our area occasionally gets mentioned on weather forecasts for being the warmest part of the UK, but, of course, gets more regular coverage when it’s the coldest. Certainly being this far north average temperature will be inevitably lower but it’s not all bad news. In the middle of the summer the length of days are such that it is barely dark at night. Summers tend to be mild rather than scorching but we seldom get oppressive heat or humidity.

The winters can be harsh with short days, but well wrapped up on a clear frosty morning, you won’t find clearer fresher air anywhere, and without the snow there would be no snow scenes or winter sports. A wind from the East can arrive with a real bite but the prevailing wind direction is from South West. Being in the rain shadow of the Grampian Mountains this part of the East side of Scotland is markedly drier than the West.