Christ Church

Christ Church is the only operational church building in Kincardine O’Neil. With its roots stretching back nearly 1600 years the Scottish Episcopal Church has a long and strong Scottish heritage. Prior to the 16th Century the Scottish Church was a single entity but at the Reformation it divided into three groups – Episcopalians, Presbyterians and Roman Catholics. In 1689 around 66% of the population of Scotland were Episcopalians but the percentage declined during decades of persecution following the Risings of 1715 and 1745, and in which the Episcopal Church took a prominent part. Happily today the three ancient churches of Scotland (and those which emerged later) work well together. It is therefore appropriate that Christ Church should be regarded as the Village Church and all are welcome.

Christ Church is open daily for visitors. The building has a wonderful selection of stained glass windows and fascinating memorials.  The Church Website contains details of services and of all those commemorated inside the church and in the graveyard.

Regular Sunday services are held at Christ Church, currently generally as follows:*

1st Sunday in month:              10:00a.m.        Holy Communion

2nd Sunday in month:             6.00p.m.         Evensong

3rd Sunday in month:             10:00a.m.        Holy Communion

4th Sunday in month:             10:00a.m.        Morning Service

5th Sunday in month:              6.00 p.m.        Choral Evensong,         followed by a glass of wine.

* Please note that there is sometimes variation in this schedule owing to variations in the church calendar. Up-to-date information about services can be seen on our website-see bottom of page.



Secretary:  Tel: 013398 84225

Curate:   Rev. Dr. David Greenwood is based in Kincardine O’Neil.

                                           Tel:  07724 601305