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Dog Waste Campaign


to all you dog owners who are doing the responsible thing, both bagging and binning your dog’s poo.

The map below shows the location of waste bins around the village.  With the help of Aberdeenshire Council we have achieved an increase in the number of bins, with one re-positioned on the path between the garage and playing fields where we thought it would be better used, and a new bin next to the Neil Burn Drive bus stop.  The aim is to ensure that no-one has too far to walk to dispose of a poo bag, and therefore no excuses for not binning dog poo!                                  Download the Poo Bin Map here.

Bin locations:

  1. At the start of the Deeside Way, Pitmurchie Road
  2. South side of playing fields
  3. On path between petrol station and playing fields
  4. On the Spailings car park, behind the Village Hall
  5. Beside the recycling bins at Canmore Place
  6. North Deeside Road, near Village Store
  7. Beside Bus Shelter at bottom of Neil Burn Drive
  8. Eastern end of school wall.
  9. Start of Deeside Way eastbound.

Please note:

All council rubbish bins can be used for dog waste (as long as it is bagged).